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Designed and manufactured by Sebring Sports Cars, SB1 is a self-contained EV skateboard platform that houses the electric motors, batteries, and other components required in an electric vehicle.  


With the integrated hydraulic suspension, power steering, and full disc braking, the platform becomes the blueprint on which a variety of body shapes can be fabricated by simply tweaking and re-sizing the basic design.  


Not dissimilar to how cars were built in the 1950’s with vehicle manufacturers separate from the coachbuilders, the skateboard approach cuts down the cost and complexity of building retro electric vehicles.  


Using a body-on-frame design, the structural battery unit is an integral element of the laser-cut ladder chassis delivering a low centre of gravity and outstanding performance.   


The use of readily available, standard electrical and mechanical components minimises the build cost, takes advantage of the major car manufacturers' R&D investments, and ensures the future is protected for our customers. 

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