Image by Osian Ballinger

 Graceful, classic lines of the 60’s 

Ageless British sports car good looks with the exhilaration that modern, fully electric vehicle technology delivers. 



The Sebring VS-7 is a thoroughbred yet practical sports car that epitomises individuality. 


Hand built by our own engineers and craftsmen utilising Sebring’s own EV skateboard chassis, each Sebring VS-7 is a new vehicle and registered as such with DVLA. We do not use donor vehicles. 


The Sebring VS-7 is the marriage of traditional styling with an electric powertrain, it really is possible to have style whilst embracing modern driving!


Customers can choose from a range of standard configurations and traditional colour schemes or, if they desire, can combine an infinite combination of body colours, trim, upholstery materials, dashboards and wheel designs to create their own, unique Sebring. 

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0-60 mph

Maximum speed

Maximum range

4 seconds

120 mph (limited to)

upto 350 miles

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"You can't blend in when you're born to stand out."


- Ryan Buchanan